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Ethical Lemur brings together the most sustainable products in the marketplace, from gifts and homewares to jewellery and textiles. To list your products on our site, please click on the button below.

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Why Sustainability is Important

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of women worldwide are poor
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Our Story

After numerous journeys abroad and recognising firsthand the disparities in equal opportunities, particularly for women and girls, Ethical lemur was created due to a pressing need for sustainable products that promote both social and environmental responsibility.

Ethical lemur supports some remarkable projects, such as the women’s initiative in Ethiopia where women skillfully craft jewellery from discarded shell casings, transforming items of war into symbols of positivity. These creations not only empower the women involved but also contribute to the well-being of their families.

Ethical Lemur aims to bring these impactful initiatives to the forefront in the UK, providing a platform where individuals can support such endeavours. Our marketplace showcases products that embody ethical values, fostering a connection between consumers and transformative projects worldwide.

By choosing products from Ethical Lemur, customers not only acquire unique and sustainable items but also actively participate in creating positive change. Together, we can champion equal opportunities, empower women, and promote sustainable practices on a global scale. 

“Ethical Lemur has really helped accelerate my business and the platform is so easy to use”.

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